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5 Tips to Improve Your MMA Footwork

MMA training must cover footwork as a foundation form a fighter’s hand to hand combat improvement. Just like boxers, any mixed martial artist or combat sport fighter needs to be light on their feet to attack and evade your opponent.

Fighting techniques and octagon strategy will benefit from footwork training and there are easy ways to include this in any MMA workout to build lightning fast reflexes and reactions.

Cardiovascular fitness
Work to increase your overall cardiovascular fitness. Raise your heartbeat and make yourself sweat. This is the king of all strategies and will increase your speed and agility plus it has many other knock on effects in your.

Jump rope work
The classic exercise for good reason – It builds coordination, footwork confidence, poise and balance as well as speed and agility.

Shadow or mirror boxing
Train like a boxer and use your own reflection to gauge your footwork weak points and target them.

Do a warm-ups and then stretching your muscles with precise movements. There are plenty of on-line guides to the three types of stretching – static, ballistic and Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation or PNF. Try signing up for a yoga class as a way to get personal instruction and long-term flexibility benefits.

Alternate rope work
This involves tying a rope about two feet long between your ankles when practicing your movement. The aim is to reach a point where you can move without the rope becoming taught. It shouldn’t ever become tight. This is a great training technique but of course at first it will seem difficult but it is worth persevering with. To challenge yourself even more you can decrease the length of the rope in small increments.

Follow these tips and you will find your footwork and coordination improving.