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7 Tips to Improve Your Ten Pin Bowling Game

Ten pin bowling can be a lot of fun, even if you’re not really looking to dip into the finer art of the game.  The object is to knock down as many pins as possible in a single shot per frame, and have the highest score after ten frames.

The weekend warrior bowlers may simply rely on brute strength (or ball speed) to lay out the pins, but the more seasoned bowlers may have caught on that there is more to rolling the higher scores than just seeing how fast you can get the ball down the lane.

Here are seven unique and powerful tips that you can use today to add a little spice to your own ten pin bowling game and increase your scores and your average.

  1. Are You Using the Correct Equipment?
    There are many different tools and accessories that you can employ while bowling that are perfectly legal to use that can help your scores.  However, the most important piece of equipment is your bowling ball.  Make sure that you are indeed using the correct type, material, weight and fit for your delivery style.  There are many different combinations of all of these, so take the time to find the bowling ball that will only compliment and work with your natural tempo and delivery to keep…ahem…the ball rolling.
  2. Find the Most Natural Approach
    Many professional bowlers use a five step approach in their delivery in order to keep a smooth pace and a very controlled rhythm as they deliver the bowling ball to the lane.  Beginning bowlers, however, should stick with a three or four step approach and work on finding their own natural pace and learn to find their most accurate timing in completing the delivery.  Don’t rush, but don’t go too slow to where you’ve given up momentum in your swing and fight an awkward approach.
  3. Study and Analyze Yourself
    Ten pin bowling is a mental game, and while keeping your head in the game, you body will eventually follow suit.  Take the time to really take note on how your overall experience feels as you deliver the bowling ball to the lane.  If you seem to not be rolling the ball as well as you would like, focus on making some small changes and pay attention to them until they feel right.  That feeling of rolling a good ball will be noticed quickly and once you find it, hone in on it and make it part of your routine until it becomes natural.
  4. Practice Makes Perfect?
    Hmm…maybe, but I like to go with the thought that perfect practice makes perfect.  If you’re really looking to tune yourself into your ten pin bowling game, you simply must put in the practice.  Sometimes, just bowling once a week on league night may not truly be enough so try to get out two to three (or more) times a week to spend the time on your game.  To go a step further, don’t use practice time to simply roll the ball down the lane.  Treat each and every shot you are making like a million dollar shot opportunity.
  5. Body Follows Mind
    Your body will essentially follow what you envision in your mind, so hone that mental game and get your perfect delivery ironed out in your head, first.  During practice, this is the time to really create that mind/body connection in how your approach and delivery are related to one another.  Learn to get a real ‘feel’ for your style, how your approach and delivery react to the condition of the lanes and how you are actually delivering the ball to the lane.  Once you start embedding the right feel into your mind, the body will simply follow along and you’ll notice the differences.
  6. Resist Using Brute Force
    Many bowlers tend to come into the game with the thought process of using a brute force attack on the pins with an incorrectly fitted (or house) bowling ball.  Although power has it’s place in your overall delivery, do not simply fall for the myth that the fast ball will always get the strike.  The idea is to roll the bowling ball down the lane rather than throwing the bowling ball.  If you consistently hear a loud thud after your delivery, you may want to consider making some adjustments and let the bowling ball conform to the lane rather than forcing the ball to simply slide down the lane and risk losing its natural momentum.
  7. Place focus on your spare conversion skills
    Let’s face it, you’re not going to go into every frame with a strike on the first shot, so place some emphasis in your practice for managing spare conversions.  Even if you were to land a spare on every frame, you would still end up with a respectable 180 average, so don’t skip out on the importance of dealing with your ability to clean up with your spare ball.


There are just seven tips that can help you improve your ten pin bowling game, but as you can imagine, there are many other aspects of the game that you can also work on to increase that average and…increase the jaw droppage going on from other envious bowlers when you handle yourself and your game with a high regard to improvement.  Once you start seeing those enhancements take affect, so will your team if you’re on a league and, of course, so will your upcoming opponents. :)

What Say You?

What other tips can you suggest that will help us improve our bowling games?  What was one or two of the most helpful tips that you’ve ever been given that really pushed your game to the next level?