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Basic Golf Rules For Beginners – Crash Course

The rules of golf have expanded and grown since the original 13 were created in 1744. The intricacies of modern day golf rules could leave you studying for hours. Your time is better spent on the green actually playing! However, basic golf rules for beginners are important to know and this article will reveal the main ones you should familiarize yourself with.

Starting Rules

The main objective of the game of golf is to get the golf ball into the hole using the lowest number of strokes (attempts to strike the golf ball). Players must use a scorecard to track their strokes. At the end of the 18 holes the player who has the lowest number of strokes is the winner.

You are only permitted to have fourteen or fewer clubs in your bag. Golfers are penalized if they have more than this number. The person who hits the ball first (honors) is determined by who recorded the better score during the previous hole.

For the very first shot, it depends on if you are in an organized tournament, if this is the case the person whose name is first gets the honor. It can also be decided by flipping a coin.

The ball must be teed-up within the teeing ground area. If the ball falls off the tee peg it can be replaced without penalty.


During Action

The ball must be played where it lies while during round action. This means you cannot touch or move the ball to improve its lie. There are of course exceptions to this rule, such as the ball landing in a water hazard and if it is hit out of bounds.

You cannot ground the club before taking your shot in a sand bunker.

Always make sure you are playing your own ball and not another persons. You will be penalized if you play the incorrect ball.

Your are awarded 5 minutes to search for a lost ball. If this time expires you will need to journey back to where your last shot was played.

If your ball becomes damaged, cut, out of shape, or cracked during play, you are allowed to replace it without incurring any penalties whatsoever.

When dropping the ball you need to stand in an upright manner with your arm stretched out straight at shoulder level. This is the correct position to drop the ball. If once it has been dropped, it touches you before making contact with the ground, it will need to be re-dropped.

If you are playing a ball located in a bunker you must not ground the club into the sand and you cannot touch the sand before you strike the ball. Make sure you rake the sand in the bunker after you have played your shot to make sure it is smooth for the next unlucky player.

Look after the green and pay particular attention to making sure the green around the hole is kept in excellent condition. Never take your trolley onto the green.

Remember, golf is a complex and intricate game and many golf courses have there own slight variations to the rules that you will need to be aware of. However, the basic golf rules for beginners that you have learned about in this article will give you a solid foundation for playing a legal game of golf.