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Basketball Crossover – What is it, How to Do it, and Tips to Perfect it

The Secrets Of A Killer Crossover

The basketball crossover is one of the most talked about moves on the court. Executed properly, the crossover can bring fans to their feet and opposing players to their knees.

Affectionately called, “the ankle breaker,” a great crossover can leave your defender baffled and embarrassed.

As with all the other awe-inspiring moves in the game, developing a true killer crossovertakes time and effort, not to mention a few tips from gurus of the hoops. Below are a dozen tips to help you master the art of the “killer crossover.”

12 Killer Crossover Tips

1.) Practice, to become adept at ball handling and control with both of your hands. Your opponent may approach from either side, so you must be able to move rapidly and effectively, no matter your opponent’s position. You must be able to step and fake decisively from either foot.

2.) Concentrate your awareness on your defender’s center of balance at all times. Make a mental note of any movement belying directional momentum. Move immediately when you notice your defender’s weight shift. Keep your eyes on the center of his body and his hip area.

3.) Keep your shoulders low.

4.) Once you have committed to your own direction, move rapidly, decisively and aggressively. Move as explosively as you can when making your break towards the basket.

5.) Use your head and facial expression to fake your opponent into believing that your plan is to move in the direction opposite your real intention.

6.) Keep your dribble low to maintain better control and use less distance to cause the ball to cross to your other hand. You will automatically dribble higher when you make your breakaway move. Fake your drive by dribbling a few times to your dominant side with forceful bounces.

7.) Bend your knees, bringing your body to as low a position as possible. You may be able to fool your opponent by faking a direction change before you even bounce the ball.

8.) When your defender goes low, step delicately towards him, while bouncing the ball hard.

9.) As you begin your crossover, attempt to maintain at least three feet between yourself and your opponent.

10.) Make sure your receiving hand is in proper position to catch the ball as you bounce it from one side of your body to the other.

11.) You must have strong ankles and nimble hands to perform an effective crossover.

12.) Remember that every crossover is a little different from any other. This is what makes this move stand alone, along with the historic players that make it happen.

Who’s Ankles Will You Break First With Your Killer Crossover

With practice and perseverance, you can dazzle the crowd, in the tradition of Pete Maravich, Tim Hardaway, Bob Cousy and Allen Iverson. Make the crossover your own, and excel at dodging your quickest defender!

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