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Choosing a Table Tennis Net

When choosing a table tennis net make sure you choose the ideal one that is right for you. Table Tennis Nets are very important equipment when playing a serious game. I’m sure you may want a net that is easy to set up and adjust correct?

Table Tennis Nets should always be:
•6’ long
•6” high
•Dark green
•Dark blue
•White top tape 15 mm wide

The bottom of the nets length should be close to the playing surface. The end of the net should be close to the supporting post.
The net should consist of either of these items depending upon your individual choice:
•Upright post
•Height adjuster
•Horizontal part of net post
These are the three types of net assemblies to choose from:
•Permanently affixed to table
•Spring loaded clip
•Hand tightened screw clamp

Always use a table tennis net gauge tool which enables you to set up your net to the correct height. Setting up a table tennis net has to have the proper height so the ball will not cross over as easy. This makes the game more challenging.

With that in mind did you know that there are a wide variety of Table Tennis nets that you can choose from and the best part of it is they are affordable fun? Here are just a few selections available in the market today:

•Stiga Table Tennis Nets are nylon mesh net, heavy duty metal post, tension adjustment system and it comes with easy instructions. This table has halves which fold into each other. Each table leaf has its own wheeled base.

•Joola tennis Nets come with a solid metal body, integrated height and tension adjustment. This net is mounted with a clip system attachment. There is also the Joola permanent table tennis net set that needs no disassembling.

•Butterfly Table tennis Nets are high quality with screw-on, felt tipped clamps to secure brackets without scratching the table top. The ring chain allows you to adjust the nets tension. The adjustable screws allow you to calibrate the nets height. This net set fits tables up to 1.5” thick.

•Donic Clip Net Sets are green and easy to set up because it has the same quality, height and tension adjustable net. A professional net and post with strong mounting brackets.

•Killerspin Aurora and Apex net & post set is constructed of a heavy duty durable steel post with cotton net. The post has rubber padding for table top protection.•SmartPong is the first table tennis that includes functions with auto, manual and ball route’s memory preprogrammed modes. It has wireless remote control with LCD display. Balls are automatically collected and served. It has a ball recycling net system. SmartPong is a single wheeled robot and a great way to get the family away from the computer, TV and Video games.

Table tennis keeps you feeling young and fit. It is a lifetime sport of fun exercise and great for the elderly, kids, and adolescents, Associations, clubs and industry. A sport made for the entire family to enjoy together. Why go to the gym when you can enjoy family fun workouts together and keep the score.

Table Tennis and Table Tennis Nets is affordable and easy to assemble. Sales are up to 50% and free shipping. This sport is made for outdoors and indoors and also a great work out. Table Tennis is a sport that is convenient for parties, holidays, birthdays, and just family cook outs.

Think about your son or daughter who just turned sixteen and she or he plans a party list of over one hundred friends to come to the party. Now what kind of entertainment does a teen like? Horse shoes, basketball, swimming, dancing and table tennis are great choices to entertain and stay fit. These are great activities for holiday fun as well.

Relax the party will be a blast. Everyone will talk about it for days. Remember when it comes to family nothing but the best is suitable. Creating memories will last a life time so join a lot of families, friends, coworkers and neighbors that are having a blast that always last. A time to remember and a great workout for the whole family to enjoy.

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