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Golf Alignment Tips – 6 Step Process

Amateur golfers often fall into an imaginary hole of mis-alignment and struggle to claw their way out, unless they know the proper strategy for getting set up. In this golf alignment tips article, I will be serving up a tasty dish of advice and information to help you if you are struggling to hit straight and on target.

After you learn proper alignment techniques, your game will change. No longer will you be hitting to the left or right of your intended target. Instead, you will be able to zero in on your target with laser like precision and get much better results than you ever have before. If you are getting excited, keep reading…

Learning how to align yourself correctly is based on setting yourself up in the right position and identifying an easy intermediate target to focus on. The following process includes visualization, which is using your mind to create images to help guide you in lining yourself up in the optimum position. This is a simple technique but very powerful!

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Golf Alignment Tips Strategy – Step By Step.

Step One – Kick Start The Process

Select the appropriate club and stand directly behind the ball. Locate the main target.

Step Two – Draw A Line In Your Mind

Using your mind’s ability to visualize, imagine a line stretching from the main target back to the golf ball. To make this line stand out, you could change it so it is a bright color that’s easy to see.

Step Three – Pick Your Point

Using this long “virtual” line to guide you, choose a point roughly 3 – 10 feet away from the ball. This point must be on the line and directly in front of you. This will be the new target you will be using to align yourself correctly and hit the ball in a straight line.

Step Four – Get Aligned

Set yourself up and address the ball. Keep the target point in mind while you get into the address position. Get square to the target and aim your club at the target point.

Step Five – Play The Shot

Now you will be set up and aligned properly. You should now run through your pre shot routine (if you don’t have one yet read the article on this Website for a sample one). Take one last look at your main target in the distance and the point 3 – 10 feet away. Then put your head down and play your shot.

Step Six – Pause For Reflection And Analysis

This step is optional but it is worth doing as an add on to enhance your game. After the shot, take a few seconds for a quick mental reflection about how your shot was played, how it felt, and if it went where you intended it to go.

If your shot was mis-aligned or you had an error in your swing, ask yourself why? Run through the shot in your mind, and make any mental corrections by fixing errors and playing the correct shot in your mind. Doing this will help program success in your mind, which will be reflected in your actual physical game also.

Run through this golf alignment tips strategy today so that you can help improve your golf game today, tomorrow, and every other day in the future to come. Have fun with this and remember, it’s unlikely you will master this strategy instantly, practice makes perfect!