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Golf Driving Tips For Beginners – Turn Your Club Into Your Best Friend!

Have you ever watched in awe as a professional golfer drives a golf ball down the fairway with absolute ease and wonder how they did it?

Performing the perfect drive is an exhilarating and memorable experience!

In this golf driving tips for beginners article, you will learn how to turn you club into your best friend and drive with precision, power, and strength.

1. First Things First

Before you even touch the club, you need to tee up the ball correctly. Using a longer tee is a good idea when driving.

You want to be hitting the ball on a very slight upswing and this will allow you to do this. Using a short tee can hinder your driving potential, so stick to a longer one.

2. Focus On The Big Three

Your body must be in the optimum position for you to discover your full driving potential. There are three main points of focus to follow to get your body in the best position:

Keep your head behind the ball throughout the whole movement from start to finish.

Position your left shoulder slightly higher than the right.

Make sure 60% of your weight is placed on your right foot.

3. Swing In Sequence

Learning to transfer power from your body to the clubhead can be difficult for many beginners but it is an important skill to focus on. The correct swing sequence will create the most power and speed, and help propel the ball a greater distance.

The correct sequence that you will need to be aware of as you drive are: hips, shoulders, arms, hands, and last the impact on the clubhead. A common mistake is to move your arms before your hips, this is incorrect and will not allow you to generate maximum power.

4. Don’t Touch The Sky

How many golfers have you seen with outrageous swings when they are unloading? When you swing your club back, you don’t need to try to touch the sky! Doing this will only cause you to lose control and become sloppy. Instead, using the correct wrist hinge and a full body turn, you should be able to generate maximum power and speed from a three quarter length backswing. This will also help you to maintain your balance and accuracy.

5. Become Narrow Sighted

Don’t get distracted by focusing on the entire fairway, instead concentrate and stay focused on where you want the ball to go. This may sound a bit too simplistic, but you would be surprised at the number of golfers who have problems keeping centered.

If your focus is on any hazards on the fairway, all you are doing is distracting yourself from the real target and often this is enough to steer your shot away from the hole. Clear your mind and take a few deep slow breaths before you take your shot. Stay focused on where you want the ball to go, not on where you don’t want it to go!

6. Ditch The Tension

Be aware of any tension in your arms and shoulders as you swing and learn to consciously relax these areas. Tension will slow you down, while relaxation will add speed to your swing. Now I am not saying you need to become totally relaxed and floppy like a piece of spaghetti. You will need to maintain some tension. You just need to realize when you are using too much and how to reduce it.

To release tension in the arms and shoulders you can do any of the following things: Stretch. Tense your muscles as hard as you can for a few seconds and feel the relaxation as you release. Shake your arms vigorously for a minute. Visualize your arms becoming relaxed.

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7. Don’t Be Humpty Dumpty

Learning to maintain your balance throughout the drive is very important and cannot be ignored. Balance starts from your base position. If this is not solid, your shot will not be as powerful as it could be and your accuracy will suffer.

Many beginner golfers make the mistake of swinging like crazy and forgetting to maintain balance. Remember, you should only be swinging as hard and as fast as you can. Use proper technique and you will remain balanced from start to finish.

Successful driving is both an art and a science. You can learn the correct fundamental techniques for an optimum drive but the real learning can only happen by staying aware, noticing what you are doing at all times, monitoring the results you are getting, and make adjustments as you go.

I hope you have found this golf driving tips for beginners article useful. Put these tips into action and watch how they totally transform your driving game.