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Golf Pitching Tips – 7 Tips For Wild Success

If you want to improve your pitch shot, you’re going to have to put those rough hands away and replace them with a super soft touch. This golf pitching tips article will show you how to land the perfect pitch every time. Isn’t it time you stopped ignoring this important part of the game like other golfers do…unless you want to be average that is?

Tip One – Focus On Loft

You need to create loft if you want to play the perfect pitch. To do this you will need to work out the optimum foot placement to create the ideal amount of loft without hitting the ball fat. Experiment with placing your back foot so that it’s even with the ball and keep the weight towards the back, also test out the result of placing the ball in the center of your stance and keep the weight towards the front foot instead of the back. Try both of these positions and see which one works best in creating control and loft as it’s different for different players.

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Tip Two – Keep That Head Still

Next time you see a pro golfer hitting a pitch shot, notice their head position, you should see very little movement. Keeping the head still is absolutely crucial if you want to see an improvement in your pitching.

Tip Three – To Pitch Or Not To Pitch

You need to know when to pitch and when not to. Generally you will play this type of shot when you are 20 – 30 yards off the green. If you are facing an obstacle that you need to lift the ball over and it is within this distance, it’s time to play a pitch shot.

Tip Four – Don’t Forget To Relax

If you have been labeled a “bad pitcher” you should take a closer look at your swing dynamics. You are probably either starting your swing much too slowly and then speeding up at impact, or you might be holding too much tension and jerking the club. The cure to both of these errors are to calm yourself and relax the swing.

Tip Five – Play A Mind Movie

You should get into the habit of playing the perfect golf pitch in your mind before you physically perform it. This only takes a few seconds but it is a powerful technique many top golfers use every time they’re on the green.

Tip Six – Get The Edge

Many golfers hate practicing pitching and ultimately fail when they have to perform this shot and instead opt for a chip even though it isn’t the appropriate shot to play. Golf is about getting the edge over yourself and your opponents. Practice drills that will help you improve your feel for the pitch so you can develop a major strength where most players are weak.

Tip Seven – Know The Li

Practice is the only way you will get to understand the lie and the appropriate reaction to it. Depending on the lie, you will need to choose the correct club to get the job done. For instance, if you have found yourself deep in the rough, shorten the club.

Next time you need to play a pitch, remember what you have learned in this golf pitching tips article so that you get the edge over the majority of golfers who couldn’t care less about mastering this stroke.