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Golf Tips – Tee Like a Pro

Best Golf TipsWelcome! This website is especially intended for people searching for proven methods online to improve their game of golf.

I will be sharing with you the best golf tips, tricks and secrets to help you improve all aspects of your game.

Articles are regularly added and cater for players of all levels of experience, from the casual player needing to know how to tee the ball slightly higher or the best way to avoid numerous thin shots, to the seasoned golfer looking for tips to improve the finer points of their game.

I’m going to kick things off now by offering a few beginner centric golf tips which will help your golf considerably.

Holding the Iron Correctly

One of the biggest problems that tee hardy newbies to golf have, but many won’t admit to it, is the fact that they do not know how to swing correctly. If you are encountering numerous whiffs, mastering the swing is the key to improving your golf, but it is one which can prove to be the most difficult.

The first rule of the right swing is knowing how to grip the iron correctly. Using your left hand, grip it in a way that your thumb lies straight on the shaft.

You will know if you are holding it correctly if the line running through your index finger is in direct alignment to your eye. You then wrap your right hand on your left so that it cups your thumb.

Correcting Your Stance

Now that you are holding the iron correctly you can refine your stance by slightly pointing your knees. Your right foot should face straight ahead. Your left foot should be slanting slightly towards the left.

Your elbows and arms need to be as close as possible in your stance. You will know you are getting it right if your elbows point right at your hips and your left one points at the left hip.

Swinging Correctly

The easiest way to swing correctly is to imagine a super flat plane that extends from the ball to your shoulders. This mental imagine should be followed when you attempt your backswing. Your hands should move parallel to this imaginary plane.

On the down swing your hips should rotate back into the ball. If you do not use your hips you will not be able to generate much power and hence the ball will not go very far.

Avoiding Poor Chip Shots

Chip shots are often the result of people trying to decelerate on the way down during their swing. The easiest way to avoid chip shots is to narrow your stance, and make sure that both your feet point straight at the target.

Your hand should be positioned in a way that it is slightly ahead of your ball when you start your swing. When swinging you need to resist the urge to control and decelerate your club prior to impact.

Eliminating Thin Shots

A thin shot is usually the result of a player making contact with the ball’s equator or probably slightly below it in some cases. Thin shots also occur when a person hits the ball with the clubface.

The result of this is a shot that has a very low trajectory, and so the distance can be more than required with an unpredictable flight pattern.

Make sure that your shoulders are not pointing too much towards the right or left as this puts your swing in an incorrect region.
The next thing you should look at is the position of the ball. Your ball should be around your front heel, and moving back till it reaches the middle of your stance with a short iron.
Make sure that your club is not deviating in any way from the gentle arc of your backswing. A path which is either too outside or inside can cause problems.
Your downswing should be absolutely effortless when it comes to lifting the ball. Practice your swing to make sure that the circle is in the right place.
In conclusion, everyone has their own challenges to deal with when it comes to playing golf. However, with the right information and plenty of practice your game will improve considerably.