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Ice Hockey Equipment Basics

The evolution of ice hockey equipment and of the game itself has been a long process. Current beliefs date ice hockey back to prehistoric periods, but, obviously, the modern game is much different and requires a specialized set of equipment to both play the game and prevent injuries to players.…

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Bowling Etiquette

Unfortunately, what most new bowlers do not pick up on immediately is the unwritten “Bowler’s Code of Conduct” when starting out.  Worse, even some of the experienced rollers tend to forget about this same code and can quickly become the individual (or team) to avoid come practice time or league…

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Understanding Bowling styles

First off, no…I’m not talking about our buddy here with the aviators and that kind of style.  Today, I’m taking about digging into your particular bowling style.  Like every other aspect of your game, your individual and personal style of bowling should be unique, as long as your are generating results and…

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How to Generate More Revolutions on Your Bowling Ball

What many beginning bowlers soon learn when starting out, is that bowling is truly a sport of science.  I’ve mentioned in past articlesthat although you could develop your overall game merely by using brute force to knock down the pins with a hard, fast straight ball, your chances at accuracy and consistent strikes are…

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