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Playing On Bumper Pool Tables

Bumper pool tables come in many sizes but most are small enough to fit in with almost any game room furniture. Bumper pool table sizes are ideal for those who want to enjoy a game of billiards but have little space.

Some bumper pool table manufacturers make combination bumper pool poker tables that include board game tables.

The game table has 2 pockets and between 12 and 16 bumpers. The size of the table determines the number of bumpers. Smaller tables often have only 8 bumpers in the middle and 2 on each side of each pocket.. The larger tables have more bumpers to guard the pockets but are not more difficult to play.

Ten balls in two sets are used in the game. One set of five are red and the other five are white. One ball of each set is marked with a spot the color of the other set. the marked ball is typically the ball used to start the game. Each player shoots his marked ball, banking it off the cushion on his right, in an attempt to sink it in the opponent’s hole.

If one of the players make a shot he starts the game. When he misses a shot his opponent shoots and turns alternate from there. Typically, most bumper pool tables come with a set of instructions to help beginners get a full understanding of how the game should be played.

There are 3 in 1 bumper pool tables which may include a poker table top as well as some board games. They come in rectangular or octagon shapes and make very nice game room furniture.

These bumper pool game tables have removable tops. There are a variety of top finishes. Some are felted, some leather, and some a nice wood finish. The removable tops may have pockets carved into them for drinks, poker chips and cards holders. When you lift the top you find the bumper pool table.

Sinking Bumper Pool Table Balls By the Rules

Bumper pool is a cue sport game played usually (today) on game room tables. Octagon tables are also common today and were the usual in days past. A bumper pool table has one pocket centered on opposite ends. there are usually 12 bumpers. However some tables have 14 or 16.

Two bumpers surround each pocket and the remaining eight are arranged on the midlines of the table, leaving a center space with just enough room for a ball to pass through. A14 bumper table has three rather than two bumpers on either side of the center space on the line midway between the two pockets or holes.

Bumper pool table balls come in sets of five red and five white balls. Each set has one ball marked with the opposite color. Bumper pool table dimensions are much smaller than regulation pool tables, permitting the game to be played in a much smaller room.

The game begins with each set of balls arranged on five spots near each edge of the table on a line in front of the pocket. The marked ball sits on the spot directly in front of the pocket. The two players shoot their marked balls simultaneously, banking them off the cushion to their right, in an attempt to sink them in the pocket at the other end of the table. After that initial shot, the players take turns shooting.

The player who comes closest to his target pocket with his first shot shoots first. If both players sink the first shot, both select another ball, place it on the spot in front of the pocket, and again shoot simultaneously. If both players sink all five balls while shooting simultaneously the game is a draw.

The object of the game is for a player to drop all his balls into the pocket at the other end of the table. A player must sink his marked ball before he can shoot any other balls.There is no designated cue ball as in other billiard games. During his turn, a player continues to shoot as he sinks his balls. He loses his turn to the other player on a missed shot.

There is no penalty if a player sinks one of his opponent’s balls . It doesn’t matter which pocket the ball drops in; it’s considered sunk. If a player sinks his own ball in the wrong pocket, providing it’s not his last, his opponent may drop two balls into his pocket. If a player sinks his last ball in the wrong pocket he loses the game. Any ball leaving the table is placed anywhere on the table by the opponent.

The best tactical placement of an opponent’s ball is in the middle space surrounded by bumpers. Some sets of rules allow the opponent to additionally drop two balls into his pocket.

With all the fun and excitment a family can get from them, it’s a wonder that bumper pool game tables haven’t found their way into everyone’s picture of fun game room tables.

Bumper Pool Table Choices

Many bumper pool table choices are available but the most interesting and practical is the 3 in 1 table. Several bumper pool table manufacturers make them as fine furniture out several types of wood. They’re available in cherry, oak, pine, maple and other fine woods.

Visiondecor Furniture, in California, offers a three-in-one solid oak wood pool-poker-game-dining table and chairs set. This set of 5 pieces has in it a “three in one” game table and four matching oak arm chairs. The game table features 42″ of playing surface, and can be transitionally changed between 3 settings: bumper pool table, poker table, or dining table. The pool sticks and balls are included in the set.

This set is elegantly styled for an enhanced American feel, and it is exactly what every gaming enthusiast needs in their home. The seats are beige color with a thick cushion for optimal look and comfort. The pieces are superbly made from quality solid oak wood. It’s also available on cherry.

This set is made to last for years and years and be durable for all your dining and family fun needs. You do have to assemble the set but it’s very easy to do.

The chair dimensions are 23″long x 27″wide x 38″high. The table measures 47 1/2″long x 47 1/2″wide x 30″high.

Another good inexpensive table is the handsome Gamecraft Rugged Tournament Bumper Pool Table. It features a wood grain finish with durable vinyl laminated rails. This nice tournament-style bumper pool table is equipped with heavy duty hardwood legs and leg levelers. It also has solid and non-loosening bumper posts and exclusive internal walls for added reinforcement.

The bumper pool table dimensions of this table are 54 inches long x 39 inches wide, and 26 – 30 height that adjusts with leg levelers in the heavy duty hardwood legs. It weighs about125 lbs. It has a 3/4 inch composition bed with 85 percent wool, 15 percent nylon, 20 oz. cloth covering.

Gamecraft also makes a heavy duty slate bed model. Its dimensions are 49.5″ long x 34.5″ wide x 28″ high. The legs are 4″ x 4″ solid wood and the aprons are 3/4 inch thick. The slate bed is covered with 18 ounce cloth.

A top of the line bumper pool table is the Tiger Cat Bumper Pool Table. It’s commercial quality but built specifically for the home. It has the elegant look of Jewel Mahogany Laminate, a 3/4 Inch slate bed covered with genuine green billiard cloth. Its dimensions are 57 inches long by 41 inches wide and 31 inches high.

The balls return to the ends of the table for convenience. Players automatically receive red balls for one game and white balls for the next game.

Park And Sun make a portable bumper pool table that also includes dice, football and game boards and pieces for backgammon, chess, and checkers. It’s a great item for use at home as well as transporting on your vacation thanks to the self-contained storage case. Two bumper pool cues and a complete set of balls are included. It comes with a dark cherry finish wood case that measures 18 x 32 x 4 inches.

As you can see there’s a wide range of bumper pool table sizes and styles that will fit any game room furniture styling and pocketbook.