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Tips For Playing Golf In The Wind

Tips For Playing Golf In The WindSo you thought you had enough to be concerned about when you stepped up to the tee and now you have to worry about the wind blowing as well! If you are looking for effective tips for playing golf in the wind, you have come to the right place.

Find out the secrets to playing golf in the windiest of conditions and gain the edge over your opponents who don’t know this information exists.

Tip One – Know The Direction Of The Wind Before Each Shot.

If you want to accurately gage how the wind will effect your shot and what adjustments you will need to make, you’re going to need to pay close attention to external signs that will reveal this information to you.

The feeling on your skin is not the best way to judge the direction of the wind. Instead look around the course at the trees or flags to get a more accurate indication of the direction of the wind.

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Tip Two – Make A Solid Base.

If the wind is particularly strong, it’s a good idea to widen your stance to provide a more solid base that will offer greater stability. If you use a normal stance, you may find that even small gusts of wind can effect your shot, even if you don’t think so. Stick to a wide base even for putts!

Tip Three – Play The Wind, Don’t Let It Play You.

Each round will likely have multiple changes in wind direction. It’s your job to keep on top of these changes and to be flexible enough to adapt. If you don’t do this the wind will control the round and this will usually end with disastrous consequences.

Know when to play more club (when the wind is against you) and when to play less club (when the wind is with you). If there is a side wind you could try to curve the ball into the direction of the wind.

Tip Four – Play It Low Or Watch Your Ball Blow.

This may sound obvious but sometimes amateur golfers don’t even realize this…keep the ball low! The higher the flight and trajectory the more chance there will be for the wind to change and blow the ball where you don’t want it to go.

Tip Five – Go Get A Tan And Then Play Some Golf.

It’s always a good idea to try to practice under as many different conditions as possible. It may not always be possible to run out to the course when the wind picks up but it’s easy to find a course that is close to the ocean, where it is almost always windy and practice there. This will give you a wonderful opportunity to get in solid wind practice whenever you want.

These five tips for playing golf in the wind will turn you into a master of the wind rather than it being a master over you! So go forth with confidence next time you are faced with unfavorable, windy conditions and dominate.