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Water Aerobics

What is Water Aerobics?

For all the ones who don’t know actually what water aerobics stand for, its the performance of aerobic exercises in water, preferably in swimming pools. In different regions it is also referred to as “AquaFit” or “Aqua Aerobics” however on our site, for informative purposes we are going to use simply water aerobics

Benefits of Water Aerobics?

There are different benefits absorbed by water aerobics starting from a well formed body and whats most important, its risk-free when it comes to muscle or joint injuries.

Performing water aerobics has also its negative effects and thus being said, you need to have a swimming pool or pay extra to attend one thats why most of us are obliged doing it for just one hour per day, due to this impracticable circumstances

Water Aerobics Safety Tips

The sense of adventure that Water Aerobics offers as its main feature is really interesting and sometime is the basic factor why we choose this kind of activity rather than another. Water Aerobics is an important instructor against the fear and break up you free from the tension and the negative feelings by improving your mental and physical health.

Regardless of the major benefits and rhythm that water aerobics give to us, the safety tips are a staff duty , but not only, even a personal responsibility in order to benefit healthy form that experience without having any life danger,

It is important to contact the physician before you start the aerobics and also you should make sure if the lifeguard is on duty, you should stay hydrated and to be aware of the wet surfaces while walking around the pool area.

You should have all he necessary water equipment and the other tool before starting the activity, and above all the most important tip may be to know your limits and the best advice is to listen the necessities of your body and in order to enjoy more the Water Aerobics is to give yourself space for movements and to feel the lack of gravity in the water.

The safety tips are a good way to achieve your goal, in different aspects, in burning the calories, in meeting the weight goal and increasing the muscle mass, also by making stronger the cardiovascular system, and for helping yourself in the accomplishing of the daily activities with a greater flexibility.

Water Aerobic Equipments

In this article we are going to post some of the equipments we use ourselves when performing our routine water aerobics. Note that you can also purchase these products from

Flotation Belt

The flotation belt is usually used by more advanced water aerobic people and it’s mainly for deep water aerobics. This flotation belt is made of an extremely soft, gel-like material that actually molds to your body without constriction

What you need to know about this is that this cannot be used as a lifesaving device so use it with the biggest precautions possible.

You can find this flotation belt in different sizes and usually costs around $35.

Aqua Joggers

Aqua joggers are widely used and what’s actually really interesting about them is the fact that you burn calories much more faster with them.

On a test we have done lately we have discovered that by wearing a pair of aqua joggers we burned 2-3 times more calorie than we usually did the old fashioned way with no aqua joggers

The price of aqua joggers is around $59.

Aquatic Fitness Gloves

Neoprene glove with webbed fingers features a rubber palm with adjustable wrist closure and ultra flexible webbing for use during water resistance training. Helps create smoother movement in water for a more comfortable upper body workout and increases propulsion and resistance through the water