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How To Hit A Fade Or Draw

What do you do when you want to hit a direct shot but your target is blocked? You hit a fade or a draw! If you are clueless to how this is done, this article will show you how to hit a fade or draw with maximum effectiveness so you never have to let a tree or some other obstacle stop your ball again from going where it needs to go.

You will find as you play on a variety of golf courses that many of them will have a few holes that you will need to fade or draw. This is a useful skill to have and it can get you out of plenty of tricky situations that will leave many amateur golfers confused and frustrated.

Just to get clear about the difference between a fade and a draw. A Fade is a shot that curves from left to right (right handers) and a fade is a shot that curves from right to left (right handers).

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How To Hit A Fade Shot.

Get yourself set up in a normal position, use your normal alignment and grip. Place your feet so that they are aiming towards the right of the target. You will need to experiment with the angle of your feet as it is different with each person and will usually depend on their swing. A good initial adjustment to make is to angle your feet between 10 – 20 degrees to the left.

The clubface should be lined up directly with the target. To complete the shot, use a normal swing, remembering to keep your head down and follow through.

How To Hit A Draw Shot.

Take up a normal position with the usual alignment and choice of grip. Move your feet so that they are aiming right of the target. The angle of your feet will depend on a variety of factors such as your swing. To start off with, adjust them so that they are between 10 – 20 degrees to the right. But experiment with different angles.

Next, aim your clubface so that it’s directly lined up with the target. There is nothing different about the rest of the shot, swing as you normally would, while keeping your head down and follow through correctly.

How To Hit A Fade Or Draw – Additional Tips.

Spend Some Time On The Range – Both these shots require a great deal of practice to master. Spend time on the range to develop your skill and your confidence.

Watch The Weather – It’s important to take into account the weather when you are hitting a fade or draw. Wind especially can make hitting these types of shots much more difficult, so you will need to adjust accordingly.

Don’t Do Too Much Too Fast – Don’t try to hit dramatic fades and draws until you have had a lot of practice on the range. Mild fade and draw shots are much easier to attempt and control. Start with these and build your way to more severe shots.

Learning how to hit a fade or draw shot will be easy now that you know how to do them correctly. Practice over and over until you have the skill and confidence to unleash them any time you find yourself faced with an obstacle on the course!